Hi! I am a passionate creative, and I love to make new things. I have a Masters of Science in Computer Science (2020). I enjoy coding, illustration, and teaching. Please check out my projects and contact me at kevin.c.vanhorn@gmail.com for any inquiries.

– Kevin VanHorn


Heavy interest in game programming and development. Author of multiple self-guided projects and video-game prototypes in Unity, Unreal Engine 5, & Java. Experience in teaching and curriculum development for Tech Edventures (Minecraft Modding, Game Design, & 3D Animation). Website development, MDPM Consulting. Pipeline development for Maya in Python.

  • C/C++ [UNIX], C#, Java, Python, MIPS
  • Visual Studio, Code::Blocks, Eclipse
  • Unity, UE4, GameMaker, Clickteam Fusion
Concept Art & 3D Design

Comic artist and graphic designer at MDPM Consulting, Amitea, and bi-weekly at The Mercury at UT-Dallas. Received 2016 Cartooning Award – Third Place (ranked nationally) – Associated Collegiate Press. Experience teaching 3D modeling & animation in Blender. Photographer & Videographer for Camp Kesem at UT-Dallas and Emory University.

  • Blender, Maya
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, PaintTool SAI, GIMP
  • Adobe Lightroom, Premiere
Sound Design & Music Production

Experience in FL Studio, recording and producing vocals. Viola, Banjo, & vocal performance.

  • Fl Studio, Audacity, Logic Pro