Personal projects – responsible for all assets and programming.

Plant that Wheat!

A quirky exploration game where you play as a robot trying it’s best to plant life on various unforgiving planets. Discover and experiment with different components to fix the atmosphere and terrain on each planet in any way you can. [UE4|C++]

2023 update: I’m moving this to Unity with great success, check the twitter for more content.

Keep the Puppy Dry

A mobile game for iOS and Android where you keep the puppy dry as the wind shifts and umbrella gets smaller. Challenged myself to make this and publish in a month, and had a blast getting everything working. Publishing on app stores was very challenging and I learned a ton getting monetization and shaders to work [UE4|C++]

Strawberry Skies

A multi-tiered mobile farming game in the clouds. Plant cabbage and carrots alongside towering nuclear reactors, and ward off unforgiving weather effects. [UE4|C++]

Termination Directive

A fast-paced Stealth Platformer game built in one month using Unreal Engine and C++. Play it here.

What I Learned: This was my first full 3D project in Unreal Engine, and working with the Engine API was difficult but satisfying. I made most of the base classes in C++ and expanded on the level functionality in blueprints. Take-aways from this project: Realtime & baked lighting, volumetric fog, level design, and UE4 character controllers. [UE4|C++]


A colorful sci-fi shoot ’em up prototype built in 2 1/2 weeks using Unity C#. Play it here.

What I Learned: This was a fast-paced, first project in Unity.  I implemented C# Event Delegates, Game Managers, Prefabs, and Exporting in Unity. [Unity | C#]

Not All Sheep Can Fly

A 2D Action Platformer following a conflicted Grim Reaper character in a world where humans are extinct. Fully functional C# movement controller, adaptable to multiple playable characters. [Unity|C#]